Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tale of Tragic Truths and Tremendous Trials

Written by Sarah, Regina, Ruthiey, Lillian, Gabriel, Noah and Luke

Part 1:

King Cedric angrily turned to his only heir ---- Princess Dianne, a
beautiful gir"l. His fiery eyes blazed at her as his loud, commanding voice boomed in his bedchamber. He was not happy with his daughter's refusals to several of his nobles who he especially liked. He had hoped he would have one as a future son-in-law.

In his rage, Cedric had not tidy himself during his outburst at his daughter. His graying, thick black hair was flopping on to his broad forehead. His dressing gown had slid off his right shoulder and he had one slipper on and one off. Whenever he was in this mood, his servants knew to disappear quickly. However, Dianne yawned and looked uninterested in her father's angry words.

"Father, I told you who I wanted to marry at the age of eighteen. He is the only man I shall ever marry – there is no other for me. Now, if you'll excuse, Father, I must retire to my room. I feel rather exhausted from seeing all your nobles today," she said yawning again.

Cedric grabbed a book from his tidy writing table and slammed it on the floor. "I've had enough of this Alexander, Dianne! He will never come back to us again! His family sent search parties to several kingdoms around us and had every village guarded that night he vanished on his seventeenth birthday. Alexander is de'ead. Leave, Daughter, before I have the notion of sending you to the convent!" he exclaimed as he sat down in chair, putting his head in his hand. "Why couldn't have I had a son?" he moaned with despair.

Several days past, and not a word was spoken from either King Cedric (other than ordering servants around) or his daughter.

King Cedric was eating when Dianne came to announce great news (to King Cedric, that is). "I will marry," said Dianne. King Cedric breathed a great sigh of relief. "Shall you marry Duke Sache of Wellington or Lord Gneekow of Norfolk?" he asked of her. "Duke Sache," she replied with a toss of her head.

Duke Sache, lovingly known by his family as 'Poolie-O' was a young gentleman, of about thirty years of age. He had dark black hair that curled into small locks. His eyes were dark brown, and he was considered to be a very desirable match for any young lady.

To be continued...

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A letter found in my house. Mistakes have been left in for the enjoyment of most.

My dearest Anne,

What's your story? Would you like to know what mine is? Well.. all tell you: I was born October 28 12th 1980, as you know, I loved you so much my dear until that horrible accsidint happed. I write this letter with love for you, and olny you. I must tell you I never loved Jane Groley or her step mother, I have always loved Loved you. I can't regert what happend it was my failt it happed, from Wedding was destrod because of me. As soon as I was cappshed by the XXXXX I was taken to Cappender, Loden, for triel was I write you a letter in peace. I hope you inderstand what happend and that you arn't are Cross, now what I will tell you what happend I am staling here St. Louies, Musseri. And I can never stop thinking what I did was ron I hope you know that. I will have Canl tell you so, if you wish.

You're loving,

I bow at your feet,

John A. Alumm
Septber, 1922

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Without A Title-The Story of Them

Written by R. L. Bertilson, L.C. Something Holmes and L.N. Taylor

It was a dark, misty night. The roses had already closed up. Might I add that it was bedtime for young Theresa Von Burglareo? She shivered. "ACK! IT'S AN EVIL DINO! It's going to crunch me!" Her parent's stepped in just in time, saving their daughter from being crunched by a mutant dinosaur.

Just then, a mutant tarantula that she thought she'd crushed crawled up her neck."Ahh, that tickles, Timmy. Why are you doing that?" Timmy affectionately crawled though her hair. "Hee hee,"she cried.

Just then, Frederico, her pet python snake crawled up her neck. "Not so tight, Frederico...You know, it worries my parents," She softly chided him. Her parents saw and conquered. They sent Theresa Von Burglareo to the asylum.

"Poor dear," thought Timmy. Federico was thinking the same thing. But Federico and Timmy d each other, so they never talked. Timmy felt so bad, however, that he chose to talk to Frederico.

After they talked, Frederico and Timmy thought up a plan to save Theresa Von Burglareo. "We could always get the help of Bobby." Bobby was a worm. All he ever did was sit and read and gain knowledge.

Bobby was busy eating an Apple, and after searching the yard for hours, they found him. And they asked him where the asylum was. And he replied, "Halibalum! Wormy speaky only!" So they had to find a worm that could speak English. His name was Dobby. And he translated for them. After much talking and confusion, they found out through the worm network, that Theresa Von Burglareo was in the Asylum that was 5 streets away from them.

Bobby and Dobby crawled onto Federico's back, and so did Timmy. And they began slithering all the way.

On the street, however, they met up with Jake, an angry pitbull. The pitbull was very hungry. He tried to eat Dobby, the only translator know to wormkind. However, Federico, the brave python strangled Jake. But in the process, was killed. "What shall we do?" asked Timmy.

Bobby smiled. "C'est la vie." Timmy didn't know that Bobby spoke French. He smiled back at Bobby.

After a little while, they found a cat named Ugaloo who offered them a ride. So, they animals all hopped onto his back and he took them to the asylum meandering on the streets and chasing insects whenever he saw them. Once they arrived, Ugaloo realized he was rather hungry, and in payment for they ride, he ate Timmy. After this delightful meal, Ugaloo, smiled at the worms, and just before he swallowed them as well they screeched out in French, "Save Theresa , she's in the asylum!" Fortunately, Ugaloo was a French cat. So he understood. And he began thinking. Cogitating. Meditating. Pondering. Ruminating. Very deeply. Until he fell asleep.

And, being a cat, he slept for hours... while poor Theresa was suffering.

Ugaloo woke up. "Ugh," he sighed. "Worms and tarantula meat is always giving me stomach aches," he whined. He thought about what their dying words were... "Epargner Theresa ! Save Theresa! elle est dans l'asile! She's in the asylum!" The words repeated endlessly in his mind... Those words... That tormented. "Should I risk my precious fur over that ?" he asked himself.

But, suddenly, Ugaloo's stomach ache got worse. It felt like the worms were still alive and were eating their way through his stomach lining! He groaned: "Auaghahgughalk!" And, thinking he'd better get to a surgeon to get the worms out before they killed him, he limped painful to the vet.

"My dear fellow," exclaimed Ugaloo's English vet. "Your full of worms and have a livetarantula crawling in your stomach!" he cried. "Oopaladoo!" said Ugaloo. "Can you get them out?---We're... trying to save Theresa Von Burglareo!" he stammered.

"Save Theresa?" he asked. "I'm the one who insisted on her going to asylum!"

To be continued...

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Pronunciation of names-in order of appearance:

Wotmikler Whiplertipple
Watt-mick-ler Whip-lur-tip-pul

Burrnick Bloaker
Ber-nick blow-ker

Fogbottler Fanusbee
Fog-bot-lur Fan-oose-bee

Todlitted Tobsy
Tod-lit-ted Tawb-see

Gawlbawla Gorkintina
Gawl-ball-uh Gore-kin-tee-nuh

Jumplopper Jocksinkler
Jump-lop-er Jawk-sink-lur

Lutinlimp Lidlalipack
Loot-in-limp Lid-lal-ee-pack

Dopindipla Dearnorta
Dawp-in-dip-luh Deer-nore-tuh

Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler
Kawl-pur-nip-see Kon-go-slik-nick-lur

Wablofglin Walbdlockskin
Wabb-low-off-glin Walb-du-lock-skin

Rafglanitic Ralargubien
Raff-glan-nit-tic Rall-arg-oo-been

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part Three

Part Three: In Search

Wotmikler Whiplertipple was lying in a hammock out in the lawn. He opened his eyes. “Hello,” A rabbit proffered his paw to Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “I’m Rafglanitic Ralargubien Ralargubien, and if you haven’t noticed I’m a rabbit.” “Umm…Well… Hello, I’m Wotmikler Whiplertipple.” He shook the rabbits paw. “So,” Rafglanitic Ralargubien said “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” Wotmikler Whiplertipple asked, with a confused look on his face. “You great lummox! Don’t you know a thing? We have to go to Violet Peach Hole, where Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler lives.” At that moment Wablofglin Walbdlockskin ran out of the door chasing after Masofrine Mirgurgleflanty. “Go, you fool! Leave me at once!”

At that moment, Wablofglin Walbdlockskin turned around, faced Wotmikler Whiplertipple and Rafglanitic Ralargubien Ralargubien; ran over and sat a package on Wotmikler Whiplertipple’s lap, and ran into the house.

At that, Rafglanitic Ralargubien lifted Wotmikler Whiplertipple, and bounded off with him. “Where are we going?” asked Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “You shall soon see,” the rabbit replied.

After traveling an hour or so, Wotmikler Whiplertipple woke. They were still bouncing along, but now they reached an orchard. “Why,” exclaimed Wotmikler Whiplertipple, “Violet Peaches! How I’ve long to see where those juicy, sweet, violet peaches grow!”

“Hush! Fogbottler Fanusbee and his band are likely to be around here…” Rafglanitic Ralargubien whispered. “Do they have my sister?” questioned Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “No, Burrnick Bloaker has her,” he replied, “But, I believe Fogbottler Fanusbee has Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler”

Rafglanitic Ralargubien took a peach off the tree, and gave Wotmikler Whiplertipple a bit of it. “What is going on?” Wotmikler cried. “I want to go home with Gawlbawla Gorkintina! I don’t care how much she complains! How could I have ever complained about my perfect little family? My mother, Dopindipla Dearnorta, and my father, Jumplopper Jocksinkler probably think I’m by now!” Rafglanitic Ralargubien patted the boy on the shoulder “Calm yourself, all will soon be over.”

“I want to be happy,” Wotmikler Whiplertipple whimpered.

To be continued...

Monday, June 30, 2008

Part 2

Part Two: Unfortunate Happenings

Wotmikler Whiplertipple finished his food quickly and ran to the door. “Be careful,” Dopindipla Dearnorta called to him. “I will mum!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple put on his doll cap and ran outside. “I’ll show that Burrnick Bloaker how well I can jump vegetables!”

Wotmikler Whiplertipple was determined to jump the pumpkin that lay in his path. He ran up and jumped. “Ouch, you missed it!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple looked up. Fogbottler Fanusbee and Burrnick Bloaker had a sack in their arms. “Where is Lutinlimp Lidlalipack? Err… I mean, Todlitted Tobsy?” Fogbottler Fanusbee asked.

Wotmikler Whiplertipple looked down at Fogbottler Fanusbee’s left foot. “My father, Jumplopper Jocksinkler knew it! You’re in league with Lutinlimp Lidlalipack II! I see the white mark, I’m not blind.” “Answer Fogbottler Fanusbee’s question,” said Burrnick Bloaker. “I told you,” replied Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “Todlitted Tobsy died last week! You can ask my cousin Wablofglin Walbdlockskin!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple cried.

“That’s it! You won’t listen!” said Fogbottler Fanusbee. “You’re going to pay the price,” said Burrnick Bloaker. “We’ve taken Gawlbawla Gorkintina!” Shouted Fogbottler Fanusbee. They bounded off and hopped over the pumpkin.

“My,” said Wotmikler Whiplertipple “Gawlbawla Gorkintina is gone! What shall mother say? And father? I can’t let them know.” Wotmikler Whiplertipple ran into his bedroom, and grabbed some doll outfits. “I must run and find Gawlbawla Gorkintina before mother and father discover she’s gone!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple thought.

He ran out the door, hopped over an assortment of vegetables (including the pumpkin), and ran in the direction of Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler, the wisest cricket’s (that ever lived) house.

When Wotmikler Whiplertipple arrived at Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler’s house he found that he was not the only guest. His cousin, Wablofglin Walbdlockskin (who had run from Fogbottler Fanusbee and Burrnick Bloaker) was there along with his friend and colleague, Masofrine Mirgurgleflanty.

“Why,” cried Masofrine Mirgurgleflanty. “If it isn’t old Wotmikler Whiplertipple? Last time I saw you; you were in bed, sick with a case of Bluebunny sickness, weren’t you? Your hair sticks up now as much as it did then” He snorted in amusement (he wasn’t a nice sort of fellow). “If you’ll excuse me, Wablofglin Walbdlockskin and Mastfried Yourgurgly (or whatever your name might be), but I came with urgent business,” Announced Wotmikler Whiplertipple.

“What? What is the matter?” asked Wablofglin Walbdlockskin. “Why, its Gawlbawla Gorkintina, she’s gone!” cried Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “I’ll be back,” said Wablofglin Walbdlockskin.

Wotmikler Whipplertipple

Part One: The Story of Wotmikler Whiplertipple

Wotmikler Whiplertipple was a short little boy with hair that stood straight up. He was about as tall as a daisy, and wore his sisters’ dolls clothes. “Wotmikler Whiplertipple,” His mother called to him one day. “Come and eat your supper!”

Wotmikler Whiplertipple ran as fast as he could towards the house. He jumped over a squash in the garden. “Ha! I told Burrnick Bloaker I could jump a squash!” He continued jumping over various vegetables.

In front of him sat a frog (which he had never seen the likes of). “Hello,” the frog introduced himself. “My name is Fogbottler Fanusbee. Is your name Todlitted Tobsy? I understand you buy and sell bagpipes, as I am learning to play them well, myself.” Fogbottler Fanusbee talked on for five minutes, all about bagpipes.

“Umm… Well… No… My name isn’t Todlitted Tobsy. I’m Wotmikler Whiplertipple. I’m sorry to say, but Todlitted Tobsy was my neighbor, but died last week.” He finally got some words in. Fogbottler Fanusbee dropped his frog-jaw. “Then you mean, all of those bagpipes are gone? Impossible!” Fogbottler Fanusbee hopped up, and darted away.

“Strange,” Wotmikler Whiplertipple thought. “I never saw any customer of Todlitted Tobsy that looked like that…” “Wotmikler Whiplertipple! Come and get your supper!” His mother yelled. Wotmikler Whiplertipple ran into the house, and climbed up his stool, where he sat on a pile of books.

“What took you so long?” His father asked. “Well… Umm… I ran into a…Thing!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple answered. “You saw it?” his mother asked. “Saw what?” his sister, Gawlbawla Gorkintina, complained. “A green little man,” said Wotmikler Whiplertipple.

“He came up to me and asked where Todlitted Tobsy and his bagpipes were.” He replied. “Well,” said Gawlbawla Gorkintina “Did you tell him he’s ?” “Of course, I’ve told that to everyone who asks!” Wotmikler Whiplertipple’s father, Jumplopper Jocksinkler, asked, “When did this happen? It may have been a spy of the accursed Lutinlimp Lidlalipack!”

“Father,” Wotmikler Whiplertipple said, “I believe it was, he had the white bump on his left foot. It happened before supper, when mum called me in.” “Why Wotmikler Whiplertipple,” cried Dopindipla Dearnorta, Wotmikler Whiplertipple’s mother, “He could have robbed you…Or worse, carried you off!” She whimpered, and kissed his forehead.

To be continued…..