Sunday, December 20, 2009

Reliving history?

Christopher writes,

I was invited to post on this blog by Lilium bulbiferum er Lilly. Anyway, when she invited me, I asked what I should post, her response? "Anything!" And so I post.

We know that history repeats itself, so in order to find out what the United States will look like in the future, we only need to look at the past. We will start by finding a time in history in which some country looked like the USA does now. I find France just before The Reign of . The Reign of began late in the 1700's which was a comparatively short time ago. We find that shortly before The Reign of , a person in the French government was spending money left and right by the name of Obama, oops, I meant Marie Antoinette. The result of this? A sharp increase in the national debt. A large national debt resulted in the collapse of the economy, and great suffering of the citizens of France. During this time, the treasurer came before the queen and announced that he was done and marched out of the castle. He could not deal with the size of the negative numbers. The debt of France was at this time some multi-million dollar amount.

With the collapse of the economy, people got desperate. The guillotine was erected in many places and people were killed left and right. How did this all happen? The wrong people took hold of power in France. If The Reign of started when the national debt of France was several million dollars and our national debt is:

 What can we expect to see in the near future? You can draw your own conclusions.