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Practically perfect in every way. And blond.

is Christopher


is Gabrielle
I’m a freshman and I take Latin and Humanities at Regina Coeli Academy. :) My favorite subjects are Latin and Biology. I also like reading, (especially Tolkien and Star Wars) movies, and music.

I love gymnastics. Right now I’m recovering from a pretty bad ankle injury (worst sprain possible and maybe some torn ligaments) I got on beam 2 months ago :( . I have a meet a week from Saturday and I still can’t really do that much, so we’ll see how that goes. :)

So that’s just about me. :) (Do I overuse smilies? I think I do. :( ) Hopefully I can find something to blog about from time to time. :)

Josie M.
is Josie

Justin J.
I like Prokofiev. :-)

Who doesn't like Prokofiev? (Just so you know, I'm not THAT crazy about Prokofiev. I just like him a lot and am too tired to really think about my favorite music, movies, and so-on! :-)


Lillie Amalia Sveta Tove
Lillian Taylor

Mia Cat
Maria Catherine S.
Just so you know... I don't check the email that I use for the blogger – – because it is Lilly's. So, don't send me anything to that email address, because I won't receive it – most likely. Also, I don't get on the blog very often, so you probably won’t ever be able to talk to me, sorry! I am just extremely busy with school! :(

Sam Ignes
Samuel Dobrozi
I'm a furry -- take it or leave it. So many people me's too much fun to resist. *evil grin* Aside from that, I'm an avid cyclist, I write stories, I'm trying to collect my thoughts enough to complete a novel, and I also play ultimate frisbee. My drawing pad for my computer receives heavy use as well.