Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part Three

Part Three: In Search

Wotmikler Whiplertipple was lying in a hammock out in the lawn. He opened his eyes. “Hello,” A rabbit proffered his paw to Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “I’m Rafglanitic Ralargubien Ralargubien, and if you haven’t noticed I’m a rabbit.” “Umm…Well… Hello, I’m Wotmikler Whiplertipple.” He shook the rabbits paw. “So,” Rafglanitic Ralargubien said “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” Wotmikler Whiplertipple asked, with a confused look on his face. “You great lummox! Don’t you know a thing? We have to go to Violet Peach Hole, where Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler lives.” At that moment Wablofglin Walbdlockskin ran out of the door chasing after Masofrine Mirgurgleflanty. “Go, you fool! Leave me at once!”

At that moment, Wablofglin Walbdlockskin turned around, faced Wotmikler Whiplertipple and Rafglanitic Ralargubien Ralargubien; ran over and sat a package on Wotmikler Whiplertipple’s lap, and ran into the house.

At that, Rafglanitic Ralargubien lifted Wotmikler Whiplertipple, and bounded off with him. “Where are we going?” asked Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “You shall soon see,” the rabbit replied.

After traveling an hour or so, Wotmikler Whiplertipple woke. They were still bouncing along, but now they reached an orchard. “Why,” exclaimed Wotmikler Whiplertipple, “Violet Peaches! How I’ve long to see where those juicy, sweet, violet peaches grow!”

“Hush! Fogbottler Fanusbee and his band are likely to be around here…” Rafglanitic Ralargubien whispered. “Do they have my sister?” questioned Wotmikler Whiplertipple. “No, Burrnick Bloaker has her,” he replied, “But, I believe Fogbottler Fanusbee has Kolpernipsy Kongosliknickler”

Rafglanitic Ralargubien took a peach off the tree, and gave Wotmikler Whiplertipple a bit of it. “What is going on?” Wotmikler cried. “I want to go home with Gawlbawla Gorkintina! I don’t care how much she complains! How could I have ever complained about my perfect little family? My mother, Dopindipla Dearnorta, and my father, Jumplopper Jocksinkler probably think I’m by now!” Rafglanitic Ralargubien patted the boy on the shoulder “Calm yourself, all will soon be over.”

“I want to be happy,” Wotmikler Whiplertipple whimpered.

To be continued...