Monday, March 9, 2009

The problem with men

Sorry to say it, but no, we're not perfect. But is that the point? Well...yes, actually. I'm here to talk about marriage and other such friendships. After reading The Fox and the Hound, the novel...okay, don't read it, it'll make you depressed for weeks afterward and there are some awkward scenes...but back to the point!

In said book, Tod's range is infected by modernity, factories, suburbia, the whole bunch. Eventually, there's only twenty or so acres of woodland left, which he clings to as his home since his childhood. However, the entire place is populated by a different kind of fox, more cat-like, all of them ungroomed and such because they've learned to scavenge the dumps and trash cans. How does this relate to marriage? Well, these fox's do not hunt, in fact they couldn't catch a mouse if they needed to, because they're so used to scavenging for their food from the rubbish piles of humanity. Food was easy to find, and the dog foxes did not have to support the vixens or the pups because all could pick and choose from the trash as they pleased. The male and female needed each other no farther than temporary sexual pleasure. There was no need whatsoever for monogamy! Because of this, even though the population flourished, this generation of foxes was stupid -- utterly useless beyond their pitiful scavenging. And now how that relates to modern humanity...

It's quite a similar state. First, I'll start with a...oh, I'll just give an educated guess as to how a colonial household was structured. The woman stayed home. Why? Because the man provided. Because the man provided, the woman stayed home to raise the children and keep clean the household, because the man was -- guess what? Providing for his family. The man needed the woman just as much as the woman needed the man, and this need brought the two closer together. Now, let's consider the average marriage nowadays. Man thinks girl is pretty. Girl thinks man is hot. They say they love each other a thousand times, but they both work. That need for each other is not established because they know they can exist apart. The government intervening with the public school system doesn't help much, either. They hardly use their house aside from sleeping in and making coffee in the morning, so there's hardly any need for the woman to clean and maintain the household. The man isn't attracted to the woman outside of the bed because he knows he isn't providing for her. They're only together for however long their individual beauty to each other lasts, and then they divorce and repeat the process.

That said, I am against women having jobs, because it prevents an ideal relationship. Providing, of course, that the woman decides she is called to the single life. It is only ideal that men work, too, since they are essentially built for the working life -- their mindsets, that is. Perhaps I'll post again on this subject later, since I can never cover the entire thing in one swoop.


Monday, March 2, 2009