Monday, November 30, 2009

Lost and Found for arguments?

Listen closely, children. I don't care how you do it, I don't care in what context, I don't give two shakes of a rat's behind what situation. If you isolate an argument in your own little bubble, it will always appear correct. It does not make you look, seem or appear smart; in fact it makes you look like a sick, twisted stuck-up. This goes for Christians and Conservatives, too.


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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Part 2 in the flame war! *yawr"*'s pretty funny where that last post went. That entire last paragraph was spent appeasing all the different "counter-arguments" I've gotten in response to that. The fact of the matter is, tough, that not a single person I've met has been able to deny (with a straight face) mankind's nature. All the people who were capable of that died along with G.K. Chesterton, whom I bet dragged them down with him. Anyways, back to attacking pleasure, the real epitome of America's downfall -- Rome is such a fun example, too bad Hitler didn't fall that way or we'd've never had this prablem.

Note, again there is some obscene language within this post that may offend anyone who reads, and again it is used in a perfectly appropriate way, so you'll only be offended by the language itself (which makes you sort of a sissy if you can't talk about it with a straight face).

Recap of what I have done:
Existence of non-arbitrary realities seperate from Humanity; sufficiently proven.
Existence of Moral Law; sufficiently proven.
Proof of Moral Law's non-arbitrary nature.

So! We now know that there is a set of laws that we are accountable to that tell us in all situations what we must or must not do. Heck, if you ever payed attention to yourself you'd be well aware its existence. So...what's at the bottom of this? Moral law has also been proven by my own worthy self that it is ingrained in our minds. Where's the problem? What happened? The ultimate answer to the existence of homosexuality is...! Porn. :O

Now, for some fun, non-theoretical, mostly scientific evidence that homosexuality is not only immoral, but that it is a mental and hormonal disorder...supported by the government, too. Dang, folks are out of whack. Aaaaanyways, what happens is whenever someone views *coughcough*pronz*coughcough* what happens is a gland in the endocrine system produces a hormone that causes a very special kind of excitement only found through sexual arousal. We all know that, though. :P Furthermore, at first this excitement is caused by viewing the opposite gender (in context). However, I've been informed by multiple sources (I'd never check out for myself) that much of it (*coughcough*pronz*coughcough*) contains photographs of both genders "in the act." Thank the thirteen-and-a-half dice gods that's all the obscene language I have to use for the rest of this post, since the rest of it is all endocrine and nervous systems. Suddenly, once this type of pronz is viewed, the glands in the endocrine system experience a sudden confusion. Which gender do they respond to when both are in the picture? Eventually, this question turns around into a completely skewed anser: it doesn't matter. Maybe, eventually, after viewing enough it's the opposite gender, since the viewing the female gets old or someat -- that reason belongs solely to the viewer, and could cover any number of excuses. Now some solid proof of this being the cause.

The homosexual agenda appeared sometime closely after the dawn of publicly-available photography. It expanded hugely with the dawn of the internet's capability to carry photographs. This ringin' any bells?

So, now we have proof that it is a hormonal disorder. I believe it was President Clinton that first pushed the agenda -- why? Because a GLBT (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transsexual) organization of some form or another provided campaign money, and Clinton, of course, had to repay that, being the generous man he was. I am, of course, figuring this as a deduction from the dates of the dawn of the homo-revolution, not clearly printed facts, so please correct me if I'm wrong.

So...back to moral law briefly before I must face the fact I'm in a reality with homework. We are aware of its existence and we are aware of its non-arbitrary nature. If moral law is non-arbitrary, then it must be the same for every human being (mind you, it codes for different situations, not people). So in similar situations people therefore must do similar things (as per moral law, nowadays it's all about ethnicity). Furthermore, people are accountable to certain axioms of moral law. This all follows from the proven non-arbitrary nature thereof.

On society, it is the duty of people in a society to further society. How do we further a society? Grow it. It is the very nature of human beings to do so. Axioms of moral law dictate that everything has a center purpose, a special usefulness. In an action there is the action itself and the intent of what is necessary for the action. Hammers are for nails, that is their nature. The hammering of a nail is a moral action, since it follows the nature of the hammer. I can also use the hammer to fix my computer by striking it with hard blows multiple times. This may not follow the direct nature of the hammer, but it is still a moral action (unless it's a rage quit, of course ^-^). Same goes for gonads! Their nature is Male and Female, however they have no alternative use (the urethra is different, men). To do otherwise is a violation of the nature of tissues intended for sexual reproduction (abbreviated "sex"...ring any more bells? Sounds like a Church bell choir already!). Futhermore, homosexual "unions" are a violation of man's very nature as a social animal as they are incapable of furthering society by means of reproduction! Now even further, since the duty of people in a society is to further society, aka the center of society, the epitome of society is the family. Oh, look, Obama's ears are already gushing blood like Niagra Falls. Being the center of society, the family must therefore be the goal of members of a society.

So, what are the opposing arguments? I'm just insensitive! They're born that way! B S! there is no "gay chromosome" and there is no "gay hormone." We've already seen that it is a hormonal disorder! The fact of the matter is, the entire thing is purely against the nature of human beings and in opposition of moral law and a non-benefit of society, aka an anti-society agenda formed by lobbyists in DC as pork for an organization. I rest my case, and my loud mouth.

~Samuel Ignes Fox;
~Samuel Dobrozsi

Monday, November 23, 2009

The epitome of what's wrong with this world...and the inevitable solution. Part 1

So, here I am again to say something. What am I going to say? That' s up to my so bloomin' ADhD mind, I can't say whether it'll be about ferrets or citrus cake! But that's the fun of it, isn't it?

Warning: This post may contain some language pertaining to obscenity, etc. The language itself is used appropriately, but the language itself may, then again, offend someone, so be forewarned.

I am going to make a proof. This proof is based upon known facts of humans and their behaviors as a generality. It must be known before I start that I do not focus on all these "minorities" when it comes to my own dang proofs, thank you. "Normal" humans encompass a far more generous portion of the planet's population than "abnormal," and the latter being, of course, undesirable (see? ADhD already!). I will state my conclusion first, because it's more epic and astonishing that way.

All sexualities are morally incorrect and against our nature except for a "traditional" sexuality.

Points for the sake of argument:
- A "sexuality" is the word describing what gender a person is attracted to.
- "Morally Incorrect" as per moral law.
- "Traditional" as will be defined presently.

When I say "Traditional" sexuality, what do I mean?
1. of or pertaining to tradition.
2. handed down by tradition.
3. in accordance with tradition.
This will suffice. Cited, .

I pick out that third definition. In accordance with tradition, what our ancestors throughout the world came to the conclusion of of their own accord. So, here we are: what is an axiom of life?

Each and every civilization before us, Eastern and Western, have all arrived at certain common conclusions. I find the best example is mathematics. Eastern, Western and African (what else do I call it? :P) civilizations all on their own created a system of their own intuition to number every person, place or thing. Mathematics itself has many common notions and axioms and other such, guidelines to follow to reach a goal; a correct answer to a question (e.g. how many sheep do I have? And also, to terrorize Lilly, are these triangles congruent?). All these seperate civilizations came up with the same system, ultimately, since they all expressed the same reality that is always acceptable. One apple is one apple and one apple alone, in any language or culture, whatever. This is a clear statement of a reality. All those different countries and societies all came up with this very same system, and each civilization (most namely the Greeks and Chinese) had its own mathmeticians (mathmagicians! 8D) that expanded upon it into the realm of theory and law. They developed guidelines so that they would arrive at correct answers.

All this proves that math (mathamancy they'd call it in Erfworld) is not arbitrary or something that we can just "define for ourselves." It serves as the closest example to what I go on to now, Moral Law. However, we still have more ground to cover before that; we now move on to just what is a human being?

A human being, on a purely animalistic level, is a social animal. Nobody likes putting gods (or God) and souls into debate anyways, so I shall prove without, since that argument itself is another half hour out of my day to prove everyone wrong. Either way, when social animals gather they create a society. This is their nature and that society is necessary for their existence (this is where that "generalities" thing comes into play, and why hermits sacrifice more than we think). Therefore, it must be a human's nature to benefit society. Now! Moral law comes fully into play as I define it:
Moral law is a set or code of laws to any and every possible situation that always rule in favor of human nature, aka society. Or, Moral law benefits society.
By this definition, if moral law is followed, a society will flourish. Best example, the Romans. We all know how they were to start out with, those brave, stalwart Trojans that abandoned their burning city for a life and place to prosper. Those people of old filled with the virtue of early times and the knowledge that their lives were on the line. They did, however, prove that ones life does not have to be on the line to continue following moral law, for anyone who would've picked that out. Rome was named out of a mishap, when Romulus did in his brother with a shovel (dun hops mah wall! *smack*). However, it flourished under a virtuous people -- a people full of patriotism and resolve. It fell under lust, gluttony and greed. Gee, ya think this "moral law" stuff might be important? Just be glad I didn't bring Hitler into this. :P Owait, I just did...

So, how do I prove that moral law exists? Well, allow me to ask: what is a human at its most "human" point? When is a man most a man? (Note, when I say "man" it is an abreviation of "human") It is at the point of birth. Unbridled behavior and thought, unbound by the ropes of judgment -- affirmation and denial. Children who say "that's not fair!" are the perfect example of moral law, that it is bound in every human being down to their DNA (not to say it's as a result of genetics, but because people don't listen when I throw spirituality into arguments). When you take their cookie away, that's what they say. "That's not fair!" You know it, too, hence all that guilt involved...was it really worth that cookie? Naughty, naughty. Aaaanyways, note that as children grow they are inlfuenced more and more; the mind at that point is in a constant state of learning and repetition, and every single act or word will be a permanent influence. Therefore, they will in fact become just as cynical as their parents, if not more than, depending upon what behavior is exhibited before them. That is how we grow, and how Rome grew before it succumbed to pleasure and power. However, those children that turn so red when they know they've done something wrong; they know, and moral law is at its rawest form in them. However, it is not fully developed, and most of the time nowadays the pleasures and powers of our fast-paced lives teach us otherwise, even now my own mind is still in that learning state and I am still influenced by those around me. Most of the people if not all on this blog are in that same state. When we see or experience pleasure, we want it, and if this occurs enough and becomes the center of our judgment (affirmation or denial) and becomes an obsession.

I apologize, but I must stop at this point, because I've gotten so far ahead of myself in my own argument that I've forgotten where I was and my original thoughts are too cloudy. That whole last paragraph seems a bit drawn out. Worry not, I'll be back to finish that once I've had a good brain-rest (sleep). I had intended this to come out in a few parts, anyways.


Monday, November 16, 2009

A word....


I'm Justin J. As you can see, I'm now on this blog (thanks for the invite, Lillie!) and will hopefully contribute something that's not too stupid from time to time. :-)

I'm an SOer, if that makes any sense. If it doesn't, it means I take Latin and Physics from Scholars Online.

I'm really busy right now, with Latin due tomorrow, and quiz, a piano lesson, a rehearsal for Annie -- the musical. All going on tomorrow. The pedal broke on the electronic keyboard (they can't fit a real piano in the pit, puh), and I told the conductor I'd fix it before tomorrow's rehearsal, and quite honestly, I haven't the foggiest on what I need to do. I'll give it my best effort, though. It needs a screw perhaps, but the problem is most screws won't fit in the tiny little hole that's there, at least not any that are in the house. Also, whenever I press down on the pedal, it makes this loud crinkling noise. Why? I don't know. The rubber's falling off, and I don't think glue will work. And I'm supposed to fix all that -- Before tomorrow's rehearsal. Poor me. :-)

Anyhow, when I'm not up to my ears with school and other stuff, I'll post something interesting.

Hopefully. :-)


Monday, November 9, 2009

On Love

love (luv), n.,v., loved, loving. - n.
1. the profoundly tender or passionate affection for a person of the opposite sex.

There you have it. Sue Webster for the offensive definition.

I'm gonna post a longer post on this later this week. :P

Friday, November 6, 2009

Because we're all so bored.

I thought I'd make a small announcement about the state of the government and their first infringement on the most open-source...source of information, entertainment and revenue ever. The government is turning its black eye (LOTR reference ftw!) toward the realms of the internet. Quick, run for your lives!

Anyways, I've been listening to talk radio lately and on a 14 hour drive home from New Hampshire around 10:00 AM I heard that horrible announcement by the illustrious Glenn Beck that there is going to be an "Internet Equality" bill presented before the House, the Senate and Congress in all that process stuff I used to know about but forgot because the knowledge is unnecessary for two more years.

This bill is the first of many infringements that will take us down the road England is cursed with: horrible internet access speed, federally enforced internet policing, and first amendment rights infringements! It's easy to see where this will lead as soon this original bill is passed (and it probably will be).

The bill now presented will essentially make it so companies such as Time Warner Cable who provide high-speed internet access and upgrades for rich people will no longer be able to charge for boosted internet speed. Because it will no longer be profitable, and they need to remain as strong as they can at this point, companies will drop the options and there will be one option. Slow, unreliable, non-gamable internet. There may even be clauses containing such infringements as aforementioned.

Call your congressmen and women, and keep it from getting passed! Note not all information is correct because I'm lazy and don't have perfect memory, but you all get the idear.