Friday, November 6, 2009

Because we're all so bored.

I thought I'd make a small announcement about the state of the government and their first infringement on the most open-source...source of information, entertainment and revenue ever. The government is turning its black eye (LOTR reference ftw!) toward the realms of the internet. Quick, run for your lives!

Anyways, I've been listening to talk radio lately and on a 14 hour drive home from New Hampshire around 10:00 AM I heard that horrible announcement by the illustrious Glenn Beck that there is going to be an "Internet Equality" bill presented before the House, the Senate and Congress in all that process stuff I used to know about but forgot because the knowledge is unnecessary for two more years.

This bill is the first of many infringements that will take us down the road England is cursed with: horrible internet access speed, federally enforced internet policing, and first amendment rights infringements! It's easy to see where this will lead as soon this original bill is passed (and it probably will be).

The bill now presented will essentially make it so companies such as Time Warner Cable who provide high-speed internet access and upgrades for rich people will no longer be able to charge for boosted internet speed. Because it will no longer be profitable, and they need to remain as strong as they can at this point, companies will drop the options and there will be one option. Slow, unreliable, non-gamable internet. There may even be clauses containing such infringements as aforementioned.

Call your congressmen and women, and keep it from getting passed! Note not all information is correct because I'm lazy and don't have perfect memory, but you all get the idear.