Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Circumstantial God

In a recent debate I had (yes, so unlike me :P), my friend and I debated both abortion, and salvation.

My friend said, "The babies are better off de;'ad." To which I replied that, "If you heard about a gi;'rl that some people were going to ki;ll, would you say she was better off dea;';d ? Would you, and let her die? Could you, and let her die? You don't know her, no. I don't know the babies I'm trying to save."

So, yes, that was one of our many debates.

The next time he said that the babies were better off de;'ad because they would go to Heaven. However, in the Salvation debate, I said "Nothing unclean shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven. So, am I going to Hell since I stole that candy bar and then was shot (since there is no Purgatory, in his view)?" He replied that God would know what I would have done, and judged me accordingly.

So, if God just looks into our future, relies on circumstances, then all those babies don't go to Heaven. That baby would be a gang leader, shoot a ton of people, and yeah, never repent.

If God is so circumstantial with the candy bar person, why isn't he with the unborn baby?

Maybe I'm just crazy right now, because I get like that... And maybe I'll just delete this post tomorrow, but until then, this is how I feel now. ^_^