Monday, October 6, 2008

A Tale of Tragic Truths and Tremendous Trials

Written by Sarah, Regina, Ruthiey, Lillian, Gabriel, Noah and Luke

Part 1:

King Cedric angrily turned to his only heir ---- Princess Dianne, a
beautiful gir"l. His fiery eyes blazed at her as his loud, commanding voice boomed in his bedchamber. He was not happy with his daughter's refusals to several of his nobles who he especially liked. He had hoped he would have one as a future son-in-law.

In his rage, Cedric had not tidy himself during his outburst at his daughter. His graying, thick black hair was flopping on to his broad forehead. His dressing gown had slid off his right shoulder and he had one slipper on and one off. Whenever he was in this mood, his servants knew to disappear quickly. However, Dianne yawned and looked uninterested in her father's angry words.

"Father, I told you who I wanted to marry at the age of eighteen. He is the only man I shall ever marry – there is no other for me. Now, if you'll excuse, Father, I must retire to my room. I feel rather exhausted from seeing all your nobles today," she said yawning again.

Cedric grabbed a book from his tidy writing table and slammed it on the floor. "I've had enough of this Alexander, Dianne! He will never come back to us again! His family sent search parties to several kingdoms around us and had every village guarded that night he vanished on his seventeenth birthday. Alexander is de'ead. Leave, Daughter, before I have the notion of sending you to the convent!" he exclaimed as he sat down in chair, putting his head in his hand. "Why couldn't have I had a son?" he moaned with despair.

Several days past, and not a word was spoken from either King Cedric (other than ordering servants around) or his daughter.

King Cedric was eating when Dianne came to announce great news (to King Cedric, that is). "I will marry," said Dianne. King Cedric breathed a great sigh of relief. "Shall you marry Duke Sache of Wellington or Lord Gneekow of Norfolk?" he asked of her. "Duke Sache," she replied with a toss of her head.

Duke Sache, lovingly known by his family as 'Poolie-O' was a young gentleman, of about thirty years of age. He had dark black hair that curled into small locks. His eyes were dark brown, and he was considered to be a very desirable match for any young lady.

To be continued...