Sunday, September 28, 2008

A letter found in my house. Mistakes have been left in for the enjoyment of most.

My dearest Anne,

What's your story? Would you like to know what mine is? Well.. all tell you: I was born October 28 12th 1980, as you know, I loved you so much my dear until that horrible accsidint happed. I write this letter with love for you, and olny you. I must tell you I never loved Jane Groley or her step mother, I have always loved Loved you. I can't regert what happend it was my failt it happed, from Wedding was destrod because of me. As soon as I was cappshed by the XXXXX I was taken to Cappender, Loden, for triel was I write you a letter in peace. I hope you inderstand what happend and that you arn't are Cross, now what I will tell you what happend I am staling here St. Louies, Musseri. And I can never stop thinking what I did was ron I hope you know that. I will have Canl tell you so, if you wish.

You're loving,

I bow at your feet,

John A. Alumm
Septber, 1922